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Why Smart Home Technology is the Future of Domestic Living

We have always thought that houses and even domestic chores haven’t changed that much for the past 50 years. Sure, we still have to cle...

We have always thought that houses and even domestic chores haven’t changed that much for the past 50 years. Sure, we still have to clean the house, cook dinner, wash our clothes and even change dirty baby nappies once in a while. However, there is a rapid growth in all aspects of smart home technology in the past five years so that countless new products and systems are introduced to the market every day. These novel and revolutionary smart home devices will make our lives safer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever before. In fact, some futurists and scientists have even thought that our future lives would be dominated by sophisticated home automation to the point that even the mundane tasks, that we all know, will be just a thing of the past.

The future of our domestic living lies in the effective use of these technologies so we can do a lot more at a little time and effort involved. These technologies are no longer just fun gadgets and trendy gizmos, they are geared towards the inclusion of automation and multi-purpose features in mind. Ideally, the main ethos of smart home technology is to minimize physical human control and delegate it to artificial intelligence, neural networks, and data mining so that these machines can predict and anticipate our behavior and predictable tendencies.

So how does smart home technology shape our future lives?

1. Future houses will be more secured than ever before

In this day and age, AI-controlled facial recognition, aerial drones and fish eye panoramic cameras are everywhere that keep an eye of would-be intruders. No more grainy CCTV films to check as the next-generation security systems can now identify a specific subject in a crowd. No more dark areas and blind spots to hide as alarm systems can detect movement, pressure and heat signature even on pitch black environment. Doors and windows are now secured with smart locks with customizable codes, biometric input and safety alarms thereby assuring the safety of our homes while we’re away. With such systems in place, everything can be monitored in real-time and remotely thru smartphones. Most smart home automation providers like OZAAS provide intelligent video surveillance and intrusion detection solutions.

2. Efficient smart lighting in every home

More people are investing in smart lighting systems that can be controlled by a few clicks and swipes of a smartphone wherever we are. Even switches and plugs are no longer common control inputs in future houses because they offer more from energy-saving features to remote access functionalities. Case in point is the Belkin Wemo smart WiFi switch that allows us to turn on any appliances with a smartphone while the Philips Hue functions more than just a light bulb but a complete lighting system that controls how we experience light. We can even change the ambience of a room by adjusting the light intensity and color with the extensive use of smart WiFi LED strips and backlight. The next generation of lighting now lasts longer and more energy efficient than the conventional light bulb.

3. Automation integration in consumer electronics

We can see automation as the future of consumer electronics from smart televisions to home computing, refrigerators to electric stoves, air-conditioning units to robot vacuum cleaners. All of that is possible with the widespread integration of voice control technologies and artificial intelligence. Not only that, all these different gadgets even work together to bring us greater control over home automation.

Case in point is the use of Amazon Echo, where it will make the Hue bulbs adjust accordingly when we’re in the room while the thermostat will adjust to our preferred temperature. Specialists like OZAAS provide professional home automation kits suited to our needs with a range of smart switches and Internet of Things solutions to make sure we have greater control of every electronic devices inside our homes.

4. Buttonless control systems

Nowadays, there is a growing shift towards voice control systems integrated in AI networks that not only put every electronic device on auto-pilot but also make them aware of our presence. Not only that, future households will expect more immersive living experience that will make domestic life something we see in sci-fi movies. Integration of different technologies would mean that we will live in an entirely new landscape that could be used in generated interactive real-time environments.

Just imagine being able to talk face-to-face with a 3D holographic projected image of a friend without having to be physically present. Future homes will have advanced AI on its computer system so that even by simply going around our house, the AI monitors our every move, knows exactly what we’re doing and eventually provides us with what we need even before we have the impulse to do something in particular. This means, there will be minimal human physical intervention so that lights will automatically turn on at night, the air conditioner lowers ambient temperature on hot summer days, or the home entertainment system curates our favorite TV series and upcoming live sports games.

Final thoughts

Every aspect of our lives is dissected, analyzed and tracked to the point of getting real-time notifications of what is happening. With so much integration and automation, it is envisioned that smart home technology will surely blur the line between us and the machines that we made and eventually push the boundaries of what is possible. The way we live our lives will forever change for good!

If you are looking for the latest in smart home technology, leading service provider OZAAS has a wide array of smart home devices available on their website, Lazada and Qoo10.


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