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Famous Doppelganger Sightings in the Past

Physicist Stephen Hawking once said, "If time travel is possible, where are our tourists from the future." Maybe he didn'...

Physicist Stephen Hawking once said, "If time travel is possible, where are our tourists from the future." Maybe he didn't realized that there are time travelers that looked like public figures and celebrities today but were someone nobody back then? Or they are just jumping from one identity to the other and changing the course of history as it is today? Some of these famous look-a-likes are eerily spot-on.

One particular case of this pseudo-scientific oddity is actor Nicholas Cage, who happens to be a favorite model of choice in deepfake videos, because of a variety of vintage photographs that purportedly showed him as a time-travelling doppelganger of a antebellum-era Tennessee gentleman. Even fellow actor John Travolta and RNB artist-producer Jay-Z didn't escaped from the vintage lookalike fan curiosity.

Sometimes it is easy to mistake someone for another person and so much more when we are talking about famous people. We think we already know how they look like but if you look at some old pictures, sometimes we see a modern famous person on it. Here are some of the doppelgangers of the past (according to the picture above from left to right):

Millard Fillmore
Podcaster Lillian Cunningham once mentioned that Alec Baldwin resembles 13th President of the United States. Interestingly, Baldwin also portrayed another president in the hit comedy show "Saturday Night Live." Pretty sure, Donald Trump is not amused.

Judy Zipper
Sure, no one this nice young lady from the 1960s. Apparently, she looks like a cross-dressing Leonardo di Caprio after a Tumblr user found a picture of his grandmother on an old school yearbook.

A Civil War soldier
During the Civil War, there is a particular preference for unique facial hair and there is this unknown soldier who has this uncanny resemblance of Christian Bale. Yes, Christian Bale!

Mahir Cayan
Turkish revolutionist Mahir Cayan may have been reborn as American talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The Turkish dissident was apparently killed in 1972 by soldiers, but he may have resurfaced as Fallon's alter ego.

Nicolae Grigorescu
Not everyone knows that Nicolae Grigorescu was one of the founders of modern Romanian painting. Apparently, he looks like Orlando Bloom when he was young and hot.

Hermann Rorschach
If you are not into psychiatry, you may not known Hermann Rorschach. The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst has helped spur the development of a set of inkblots that were used experimentally to measure various unconscious parts of the subject's personality. He looks a lot like Brad Pitt when he was young.

A turn-of-the-century black gentleman
There is this unnamed black gentleman who closely resembles comedian Eddie Murphy with fancy clothes and swanky mustache.

An 1870 Tennessee man
Is Nicolas Cage immortal? The Hollywood actor's amazing Civil War doppelganger had a photo that was put for bid on eBay for $1 million!

Someone's great grand daddy
Who would have thought that Mortdecai actor Johnny Depp has channeled his immortal alter ego in someone else's great grandfather in this very old snapshot.

Enzo Ferrari
An old photo of a young Enzo Ferrari driving his car has made its rounds on social media as netizens say that German footballer Mesut Ozil looks like him.

A Civil War clone
Just like the famous Nicholas Cage doppelganger, John Travolta has its own clone from the Civil War era as well when an 1860's ambrotype was posted on eBay for sale. It was purportedly a Travolta reincarnation.

Dr. Andrew Sanders
Long before heartthrob actor Matthew McConaughey was being paid to drive a Lincoln, his 19th century doppelganger Dr. Andrew Sanders was living in the age of Lincoln.

Iosif Visarionovich Dzugashvili (a.k.a. Joseph Stalin)
Even before Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin became who he was, the younger version was still a dissident that somewhat resembles Real Madrid captain and enforcer Sergio Ramos.

Henry David Thoreau
American poet Henry David Thoreau has a long lost female duplicate - popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres. If you ever wonder how Ellen would look like if she was a man then you will no longer be surprised.

An 1870's criminal
An old mugshot of criminal from the late 1870's has an eerie resemblance of ex-NSYNC boyband lead Justin Timberlake.

Zubaida Tharwat
In the golden age of Egyptian cinema, there was Zubaida Tharwat who made movie audiences fall in love during her time. Nowadays, many are captivated because of her exact look-a-like Jennifer Lawrence.

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