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FutureLapse is a niche blog inspired by my huge fascination of futurology, alternate history, science fiction and retrofuturism. What made me do this? Let's just say that I really had delusional dreams of time travel like Marty McFly and Doc Brown did in the "Back to Future" trilogy. I will focus on posting interesting things about how people in the past viewed their own version of the future.

We may never know what the future holds but seeing the wonders of the world of tomorrow in the eyes of the people in the past will give us an insight on what we should do when the future comes in our doorsteps.

What is retrofuturism? It is a growing trend in the creative arts wherein there is an influence of the depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. It is often characterized by a blend of old-fashioned "retro" styles with futuristic technology and often explores the themes of tension between past and future as well as the alienating and empowering effects of technology.