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Underground Living in the City of Tomorrow (1925)

As predicted in this 1925 issue of "Popular Science," the city of tomorrow (sometime in the 1950) will be dominated in an in...

As predicted in this 1925 issue of "Popular Science," the city of tomorrow (sometime in the 1950) will be dominated in an intricate transportation network where every vehicle will travel underground. Will not exactly for now. But it is likely to happen as our cities will build skyscrapers and other buildings on the remaining livable lands so that in the future space will come at a premium that we will be forced to dig even deeper just lay down roads and mass rapid transit.

Ultra-high skyscrapers will now become airports for helicopters and vertical-takeoff airplanes as there are no wide open spaces that can accommodate regular commercial airline traffic. Congestion in the future will be reduced as every skyscraper will be a self-containing city and everything will be integrated so you live, work and play in the same building without having to go outside. People will increasingly go underground as they move in and out of the city through underground road and rail networks.

Cities will be much darker as the combination of congestion and skyscrapers blocking the sunlight. People will be living like ants and moles as getting a clear view of the horizon and having "fresh" air will now be a luxury to a certain few.

Although the 1950 has already passed, such visions will likely to come true as our population is expected to grow exponentially and more people will live in urban centers. According to the magazine: "Enormous skyscrapers will house residents and workers who happily go 'for weeks' without setting foot on the ground. Streamlined, 'hurricane-proof' houses will pivot on their foundations like weather vanes. The family car will turn into an airplane so easily that "a woman can do it in five minutes." Our wars will be fought by robots. And our living room furniture--waterproof, of course--will clean up with a squirt from the garden hose."

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