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Living in the World of Year 2115 AD (2015)

Have you ever thought how the world would be like 100 years from now? Do we view it as a place with the familiar feeling like how the p...

Have you ever thought how the world would be like 100 years from now? Do we view it as a place with the familiar feeling like how the people from 1985 viewed our time? Well, futurologists have viewed it far more differently than ours.

Of course, no weird flying machines or killer androids looking to exterminate humankind. We are talking about future technology that will make life easier and make us more lazy to do all the menial jobs. Perhaps, the world will be much more integrated as a result of globalization and we may have a single world government as we colonize other planets by that time. A United Galaxy would be like our United Nations where a single planet is acting like any country on earth. We might as well speak a single world language - would it still be English?

We will be living in a crowded world and more people will be living in urban hellholes that ever before. Crime will skyrocket and draconian laws will be the norm as a single world government instill law and order to every single person on earth. We may see the creation of pre-crime where law enforcement and the justice system is merge into one. Ala Judge Dredd, crime will be handled like a disease and eradicated on the spot.

Skyscrapers will be taller than ever and mass transit systems will now be connected by high-rise bridges as people live and work in a self-contained high-rise building. Vertical takeoff and landing technology will revolutionise personal travel and people can go anywhere they want to go.

According to a BBC article, there are interesting predictions that we can imagine:

1. Oceans will be farmed (Plausible)
We will need to feed 10 billion people and nature can't keep up with demand, so we will need much more ocean farming for fish. Algae is perhaps the food of the future so we might as well get used to Jell-o from now on!

2. Communicate through transmission (Plausible)
Synthetic telepathy will by then possible as different forms of brain augmentation will be like regular body modification procedure. Picking up thoughts and relaying them to another brain will not be much harder than storing them on the net.

3. Longer human lifespan to near immortality (Plausible)
Modern medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology will eventually raise human life expectancy even higher as scientists develop more ways to eradicate disease and even aging to a certain degree. The idea that breakthroughs in the field of genetics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence will expand human intelligence and allow our species to essentially defeat death is sometimes called the Singularity. But the question is, how far do we have to go?

4. Weather control (Good chance)
We have always been fascinated in controlling the weather since time immemorial. Although there are weather altering technologies that allow us to create rain and augment the impact of natural disasters. Climate change remains irreversible.

5. Antarctica will be its own country (Good chance)
Although it has been the domain of scientists and seals, Antarctica will have human settlers soon as the inhabited spaces ran out. Soon it will be a country on its own. However, will Antarctica be there a century from now and not melted down for good? Your guess will be as good as mine!

6. Single world economy (Plausible)
It will take some time before the world is fully-integrated so that everyone will be living in a single political and economic system. As we shift to electronic currency and e-commerce, there will be less need for regional currencies. How much will my Simoleons be worth?

7. Genetically-engineered babies (Plausible)
Moral and social issues aside, we may have a choice in how our offsprings would look like. By this time, scientists can now engineer a human being to near perfection that every possible genetic defect will be eradicated. Being superhuman will be normal unless if you live in the world in Gattaca where genetically undesirables are exterminated before they are born.

8. More powerful robots (Plausible)
Robots in the future will become more automated and no longer perform party tricks. Advances in robot technology and artificial intelligence will make them even more reliable but having a license to kill will make them even more dangerous!

9. Every single thing we normally do will become obsolete (Good chance)
As technology replaces all things manual as we demand more automation, there is a good chance that everything we do will no longer exist in the future. There will no longer be actors or athletes in the future when most work will be delegated to robots and because most of us are simply superhumans.

10. Moon will become a vacation paradise (Plausible)
Soon we will be going to the moon for our annual spring break. Advances in space technology will allow us to build cities on the lunar surface.

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